Pool & Privacy Fences

For safety purposes, state law requires that pools be enclosed by a fence. Seacoast Fence Company of Jacksonville & St. Augustine FL is here to help you design a pool fence that will comply with the law, protect the public and improve the look of your home and/or landscape.



Local Regulations – Before installing your pool fencing we will review all pertinent regulations and make sure that your fence is 100 percent compliant. Remember that pools on commercial properties, such as motels, hotels and recreation centers, may be subject to additional laws, which we will also investigate and satisfy.

Fence Type – Depending on the regulations, pool fencing can often be installed in several of the fence types we offer — ornamental aluminum, custom steel, vinyl, wood and chain link. We will work with you to pick the style that’s ideal for your project.

Fence Gates – We will install gates to match the design and height of your pool fencing. Hardware for these include self-closing hinges and latches, as well as keyed locks to prevent entry without your permission.

Durability and Cost – Many of our fence types are low maintenance or maintenance free. The fact that they need very little to no special cleaning, painting or materials replaced, means that your pool fence will look as good as new for years while you continue to save money.

Privacy Fences

Seacoast Fence & Home Company uses cedar, pressure treated pine and cypress to create privacy fencing for residential and commercial clients. These woods result in a fence that is as durable as it is beautiful and functional. We offer a variety of designs which are detailed below, or we can build to your specifications.

Shadow Box: This style is the most common for subdivisions with homeowners associations. Pickets are space evenly on one side of the runner (horizontal brace) and then on the back side of the runner a picket of equal size is placed over the gap. This design allows air to flow through the panel and gives you the same look from both sides of the fence. This panel will provide privacy from straight on but can be seen through from an angle.

Stockade: Pickets are all on one side of the runner (horizontal brace) and are pressed together. This style provides privacy but once the wood has weathered there will be small gaps between the pickets.

Board on Board: Pickets are all on one side of the runner (horizontal brace). Bottom pickets are spaced evenly and then the gaps between them are covered with another layer of the same picket, providing total privacy even once the boards are weathered.

Board and Batten: Pickets are all on one side of the runner (horizontal brace) and are pressed together to form a stockade panel. Where the pickets meet a 1 ¾” to 2” strip is placed over the gap to provide total privacy even once the boards are weathered. This will provide you with the total privacy you are looking for and give a different look than the board on board panel.

If you are ready to add a pool or privacy fence in the Metro Jacksonville or St. Augustine Florida area give us a call at 904.274.4700 or use the contact form on this page.