seacoast fence home jacksonville st. augustine floridaAluminum fencing is becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial applications. These fences offer an extremely low-maintenance option for property owners. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, they are unique and simple to care for. Aluminum fencing provides the look of traditional wrought iron fencing in a high-strength style.

The maintenance factor

Aluminum fencing can dramatically enhance your property by adding some classical elegance. High-strength aluminum alloy combined with a myriad of color choices make this kind of fencing an ideal part of your design. They are an outstanding choice for coastal regions due to their inability to rust. Your aluminum fence will look as great as it did on the day it was installed for years to come. They require zero sanding or painting. Over the course of your fence’s lifetime, you will save a significant amount in maintenance fees.

Endless options

Easy to incorporate aluminum gates will allow you to designate specific access points around your property. Aluminum fences are popular on decks, around pools, yard perimeters and anywhere you require some extra security.

Lifetime warranty

Many aluminum fences come with a lifetime warranty. This is a great thing to take into consideration when you are reviewing your budget. These products are built to stand the test of time. You will not have to have messy cans or five-gallon buckets of stain or paint cluttering your workshed or garage. That means less fire hazards, less tripping hazards and less man hours to keep your fence looking its best.

Residential grade aluminum fencing

Pool enclosure products and visually appealing perimeter fencing can transform your space. Keep kids, pets and everyone safe. Posts can be placed to enhance vision. For example, setting your fence up with 6 ft. post spacing will dramatically enhance your overall visibility. This spacing formula additionally creates an elegant radius on all rails, pickets and posts. This is a popular choice for new home developments, golf courses, enclosing poolside recreation areas and estate fencing.

Commercial grade aluminum fencing

Commercial aluminum fences are an ideal option for high traffic areas. They are commonly featured in public facilities, gated communities and various residential and commercial places where strength and security are necessary components. If you are seeking a protective barrier that is maintenance free and looks amazing all the time, this is the way to go. There is nothing more unsightly than a rusting wrought iron fence or a paint-flaking, splintering wooden fence.

Give yourself a fencing gift

Aluminum fencing can add some unique character to your home or business. It is even more attractive and secure if you install some lighting on the posts. You will be so happy with your investment as it will only keep providing strength and beauty for decades to come. Decide not to waste another summer day doing fence repairs or refinishing ever again. Join the multitudes of people who have switched to aluminum fencing options once and for all. You will love the fact that once your fence is installed, you will never need to think about it again.

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