chain link fence seacoast fence home jacksonville st. augustine floridaIt is a requirement for many athletic fields and facilities to have a perimeter fence, especially if the property runs alongside a busy street or residential section. Chain link fencing provides great visibility and a significant safety factor. This is of key importance when you are looking for pool fencing to protect young children. Since athletic fields are often home to flying balls and contain a variety of equipment, ensuring spectators and players stay safe and equipment doesn’t “walk away” is also extremely important.

Metal and chain link fencing is seen everywhere once you start looking for it. Common places include:

  • Parks and Rec facilities
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Private residences
  • Community pools
  • Daycares

Protect your space

The benefits of having a durable, see-through fence are numerous. People are less likely to vandalize or trespass in an area if they can be seen. The fact that spray-painted graffiti art looks and sticks much better on traditional wood panel fencing compared to chain link means that the latter discourages vandalism. Plus, you can easily keep the perimeter of your athletic field defined with an easy-to-maintain metal fence.

Visibility is safer

When it comes to athletic areas that kids are using, it is important that visibility is maintained. Parents and children need to be able to see one another at all times; just as coaches, teachers and mentors all participate in keeping a diligent watch on our youth.

Community pools

Outdoor pools and community pools are some of the best athletic areas in any community. Keeping children out of the pool area during unsupervised times is critical. Chain link fencing is an ideal fence type for this purpose. Also, keeping kids safe from an adjacent parking lot or busy street is vital. Chain link fencing is an ideal option for sunbathers as it does not block the sun nearly as much in comparison to traditional wooden privacy fencing. Kids can hang their towels, bags and personal items on the fence to dry and help mark their space.

Privacy issues

One of the best things about chain link fencing is that is extremely versatile. If privacy is a concern, consider weaving some privacy screen through the links. Alternatively, these natural trellis fences can provide a wonderful growing opportunity for many climbing plants and vines. Creating an organic privacy screen or incorporating garden space with your chain link trellis can be a beautiful and green way to use your fence.

Low maintenance

Metal fencing is a dream come true if you have been repairing, repainting, sanding and straightening a wooden fence for years. You will relish how low maintenance your new chain link fence is. Think of all the time (or handyman fees) you will save by not having to pressure wash, repaint and repair your fencing on a regular basis. Once a chain link or metal fence is installed, it is practically maintenance free. Available in a few color choices, these fences provide consistent, stable security for years to come.

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