seacoast fence home wood metal aluminum commercial fencing chain linkYour new wooden fence is an important part of your home now. It provides security, privacy and enhances curb appeal. Since you’ve made the investment, keep in mind that regular maintenance practices can keep it looking good and standing strong for years to come. By simply maintaining the finish, you will be preventing damage from rot, insects and slowing down the decomposition process. There are a number of good options when it comes to finishing a wooden fence and making it last longer. The following are three choices to consider for preserving your wooden fence.

Paint it

As far as wooden fences are concerned, moisture is definitely an enemy. Proper painting creates a barrier that prevents moisture from damaging the wood. Therefore, if you want your wooden fence to last longer and to look beautiful you can keep a good coat of exterior paint on it. How often you should paint your wooden fence is largely determined by the weather in your region. For example, if you live in a rainy area, you obviously may need to paint more frequently, while arid or dry areas will require less frequent painting. Paint also provides UV protection from the blistering sun. Remember that you should wait to paint until your fencing has been seasoned. If paint is applied to poorly seasoned wood, it can bubble and peel and won’t last as long time.

Stain the fence

Applying stain is yet another way you can finish your wooden fence. The great thing about this option is that the stain absorbs into the wood better and faster than paint. Additionally, instead of chipping and peeling like paint, the stain will fade away over a long period of time. You aren’t just limited to the wood grain look either. Today, stain comes in a variety of colors. Look around and find an oil-based stain that has the right color to complement your home and tie the whole exterior look of your property together.

Seal your fence with a clear coat

You can also finish your wooden fence by sealing it with a clear coat. Clear coating the fence will not only keep it from being damaged by weather, but the fence will retain its beautiful, fresh wood look even after it has been in place for a good long while. If you are a fan of natural wood, using a clear seal is probably the ideal solution for you. Keeping the grain visible and the wood secure from the elements will give you the perfect balance of protection and natural beauty.

To summarize, you have a trio of methods available that will work well for protecting your new wooden fence. Which you choose — painting, staining or sealing with clear coat — is really up to your personal preference. However, before you do any of the three it is important to ensure that your fence is constructed with the highest quality materials.

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