seacoast fence home contractor jacksonville st. augustine floridaIt’s that time of year again when we love getting full use of our yard and outdoor space. That’s means there’s no more putting it off: You need to add a fence to your residential property. Keeping your kids and pets secure while adding to the privacy of your yard will make it more than worth it. It’s time to create your own private oasis and beautify your yard with a new fence and plantings.

Incorporating greenery

Your fence doesn’t have to be an endless row of bland pickets. Consider the style of your home and the energy you want your yard to reflect, then add some greenery into the mix. Adding metal or wooden trellis options along your fence can immediately transform your space. Have fun watching the birds, bees and dragonflys visit your yard.

Arbors and gates

Incorporating some creeping vines and trailing plants can be a fun thing to do with your new fence. Popular plants for climbing arbors, fences and gates include:

  • Ivy
  • Hops
  • Grapevines
  • Clematis
  • Roses
  • Virginia Creeper
  • Morning Glory
  • Sweet Peas

Create your own secret garden by training your trailing plants to climb up your fence posts or along the top of your structure.

Fence with built-in planters

Before you have your new fence installed decide if you want any garden containers or matching planter boxes integrated into the construction. If this is a design element that you are excited about, let your fence company do all the work. Have them quote the entire project so that everything is professionally installed and the materials match perfectly creating a seamless look.

Determine your plant preferences

When you are brainstorming about your plants, it is important to consider how much sun and shade they will be receiving throughout the day. For instance, many plants will not bloom if they do not get an adequate amount of sunshine. Perhaps you prefer greenery as opposed to blooming flowers? Maybe there is a bee allergy in the family to take into consideration. Perhaps there is a pollen allergy to think about? These are all important issues to consider.

Knowing your favorite color schemes will also help you streamline your plant selection. Do you want a rainbow free-for-all or a tidy, color-blocked space? Do you want to collect fresh-cut flowers from your garden or do you prefer some feathery grasses of varying heights? Determining your style preferences will help you beautify your yard.

Fencepost lighting

Something as easy as having solar lights installed along your fence can dramatically transform your space. Consider illuminating any water features or planter boxes. Being able to utilize your outdoor space after the kids go to bed or during your next late night BBQ can greatly increase the amount of time you spend outside enjoying your backyard paradise. Consider adding some fairy lights for visual interest. Illuminating your garden paths will also add appeal and help keep your family and guests safe.

Get creative and have fun. Think of how much more space you will have to enjoy once your yard is private and secluded. Installing a fence and corresponding plants will increase the value of your home and let you enjoy your yard to the max.

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