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It can be hard to transition into autumn when you have enjoyed your pool everyday for the summer. Even though the weather is changing, this is the ideal time to replace any old and inefficient fencing around your pool. In the state of Florida, homeowners are required by law to fence their pools to keep everyone safe. If your current fence is a dilapidated mess, it’s time to upgrade. Install new pool fencing now for next year so that you can dive right in next summer. No one wants to tackle a fencing project in the blazing heat. Utilize these cooler fall temperatures to complete your perimeter now.

Wooden privacy fence

This is your least expensive option when it comes to your fence overhaul. If you do choose wood, ensure you seal it to protect it from the elements. Water based or oil based stains are available to preserve your wood. Available in a myriad of colors, staining your fence is a better option than painting. Solid or transparent stains are available depending on your preference. Avoid the flaking and chipping issues that are commonly associated with paint and opt for a top of the line stain instead to preserve your fence.

Decorative metal fence

Nothing screams “estate” more than an elaborate wrought iron fence. If prepping, staining and sealing your fence is not on the top of your “to-do list,” no problem. Spending more on a higher quality fence material will ensure that you have to do less maintenance every year.

If privacy around your pool is important, this may not be your best option. However, strategically planting some climbing vines like hops, raspberries, clematis or Virginia Creeper will help to fill in your fence and allow you to double your perimeter as an amazing trellis. Imagine being able to plant some new edible and flowering crops next year. Intermixing veggies with your perennials will keep the pollinators happy and establish your “green” fence faster!

Aluminum fence

Sturdy and lightweight, aluminum fencing is a top choice among homeowners who opt to skip the traditional privacy fence and upgrade. Powder coated finishes are available in a wide variety of colors making it possible to jazz up your perimeter and accent your yard. You can let your personal style run free with a color that complements your home exterior, or your flower beds. And thanks to the powder coat, there’s no painting to worry about.

Vinyl fence

Vinyl fences often resemble immaculately painted wooden styles. Sometimes you have to actually touch it to determine if it is vinyl because it looks so much like wood. Also available in hundreds of color options, feel free to match to your home’s vinyl siding for a completely polished look. Easy to clean and resistant to the elements, vinyl is a lasting choice for those who do not wish to worry with their pool fencing for years to come. Like we say, spend a little more now and save yourself maintenance headaches in the future.

You may be tempted to put off replacing an old or compromised pool fence, but it’s not the right option when you have children, grandchildren and pets to consider. Contact Seacoast Fence & Home today for a free price quote on installing fencing around your pool in Jacksonville, St. Augustine or the surrounding area. Call 904-274-4700 or use the form on this page to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.