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Deciding on your fence options seems simple enough at first. We often think about price and longevity, but really there are five things you should consider about a new fence prior to installation.


Are you adding a fence to block out your annoying neighbor who loves to suntan in a barely there bathing suit? Or, perhaps the point is to protect your family from prying eyes? Do you require esenyurt escort an enclosure around your pool? Is this fence a necessity for your dogs? Determining the goal for putting up a new fence right from the beginning can help you avoid becoming sidetracked. You will be more able to stick to the plan and the budget if the integral aspects for your residential fence are identified at the beginning.


Your fence material determines more than cost; it may directly affect your free time next summer. Wooden options may be the least expensive on some levels, but the time, energy and money spent pressure washing, sanding, sealing, staining and repainting can wreak havoc on your back and your wallet. Powder coated aluminum or metal options can incorporate elaborate styles and be colored to match the trim on your home. Metal materials may cost more initially but have considerably less maintenance and exceptional durability.


Are you installing powered driveway gates to accompany your fence? Prefer to keep the wildlife out of your fruit trees and garden? Knowing what you hope to achieve with your new fence can ensure you spend and select appropriately. Having a wooden fence with a wrought iron gate might look as wacky as it will be ineffective. Do you want to wire in some light posts during installation to deter criminal activity or increase exterior ambiance? Determine your wish list and your want list prior to making any permanent decisions.


Are you utilizing your fence to showcase your unique personality complete with a custom monogrammed entry or is traditional more your style? Look at a few different style options to see what suits your personal taste and budget the best. Sometimes, a simple fence cap or perimeter lights can transform a plain fence into the nicest one on the block. Feel free to sketch out your dream fence and see what feedback you receive from the installer.

Your fence is often the first part of your property that people notice. It is an extension of your external space and highly reflects your curb appeal. Increase the value of your home and your enjoyment of it by choosing something that complements the style of your home as well as your personal needs.

Don’t be afraid to ask your installer to show you a portfolio of their previous jobs if you need some inspiration. This will help you make some decisions about options and assess the quality of their work at the same time.


Don’t let initial costs be your only deciding factor. The least expensive options often require the most continuous maintenance. Ask questions during your consultation to determine the bottom line ahead of time. Get everything in writing so that you know exactly what is covered and what is not prior to signing on the dotted line.

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