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Chain link fences have endured a mixed reputation over the past few decades. Once reserved for industrial and commercial properties, the popularity of this fence type for residential demands has exploded. Individuals with back yard pools, those whose property backs onto a forest or natural setting and people with large dog breeds such as Huskies regularly choose the chain link route.

Visual appeal

While nothing may compare to its sturdy metal construction and zero need for continuous maintenance in comparison to other fence types, the overall aesthetic often leaves much to be desired. Explore the following upgrade options for a residential chain link fence to create the inviting yet protected vibe you desire instead of the used car lot feeling that you want to avoid with a chain link perimeter.

Color customization

Your new fence will look much more as though it belongs around your yard if it matches your home and garage or the surrounding landscape. Many who are fortunate to have their back gate open onto government land, a green belt, or any natural trail, choose a brown or forest green finish for their chain link fence. This subtle change from traditional galvanized steel can help the fence feel and seem more natural as it blends and harmonizes with the current surroundings.

Alternatively, if you reside in suburbia, consider having your fence become a seamless extension of your home. Powder coating is available in practically any shade; however, expect to pay more for custom applications.

Vinyl coating

This is a great option for adding some color and reducing corrosion. Available in black, white, green or brown, expect to pay approximately 25 percent more compared to galvanized. The covering will not peel, making it a lasting solution. Many customers save money by opting for galvanized framework combined with vinyl coated chain link fencing.

Privacy slats

Popular with pool owners and anyone who enjoys private lounging on their property, privacy slats can provide an outdoor oasis for those who prefer. The overall visual is a solid wall of color. The slats are available in a variety of shades. Creative homeowners may wish to incorporate one or two colors into a pattern. No one wants the neighbors staring at them all the time. Keep your pool and hot tub space free from prying eyes and unwanted guests by clearly defining and maintaining your perimeter. These PVC slats are available in a myriad of shades. They can be easily installed with the fence.

Hedge Slats

These are special privacy slats specifically designed to resemble a hedge on your chain link fence.

Fence fabric

Made popular on tennis courts and recreational sports complexes, this mesh is great as a privacy option for residential homeowners. Commonly available in green and black, it allows a percentage of daylight to permeate the mesh.


An added benefit to updating your chain link fence with privacy screening is that it offers a great wind break in areas prone to gusts. This can be helpful for protecting plants along your perimeter as well.

Upgrading your fence can potentially increase your property value while drastically improving your peace of mind. There are a variety of options available to help you make the most of your space.

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