seacoast fence wooden privacy picket jacksonville st. augustine floridaInstalling a beautiful, new wood fence around your front and/or back yard can greatly enhance your home’s overall curb appeal and increase its liveability in other ways that extend beyond economic value. Here are some of the key benefits that wooden fencing can add to your home.


No one wants to feel like they are living inside of a fishbowl, constantly on display, which is why, for some homeowners, having a degree of privacy is very important. Conversely, others don’t want to constantly watch their neighbor’s kids fighting or be treated to the sight of laundry hanging on a line in the next yard. Whatever your reasons for making your yard more private, wooden fencing can help you enjoy your outdoor living space and dramatically enhance the functionality of your property.


Wooden fences are great when you have pets. You can increase your property value by adding a well-maintained fence that will keep your dogs in the yard and other canines out. Fences offer a certain degree of protection as well. Potential home buyers or renters in the future may be deterred from your property if there is no fence to protect their family pets.


Smaller children and household pets typically need some extra security when outside. Even if you are fortunate enough to live on a quiet street, there are still things like wildlife to take into consideration when your little loved ones are in the yard. Having an aesthetically pleasing fence around your yard is a great idea for increasing your peace of mind. This is especially true if you need to put in a fence for swimming pool safety.

Wooden fence varieties

Maybe you have dreamed of having a white picket fence since you were young. Lattice fencing is another great option as it provides a tremendous amount of privacy but still allows light through. Lattice makes a great trellis for climbing plants as well. Many people like an organic look and having green vines, grapes, sweet peas, beans, Virginia creeper or clematis climbing your fence can look amazing.

If your design aesthetic is more Asian inspired, consider connecting a pergola archway to your fence. Depending on how you cut the angles on your wood pickets, you can easily transform your design. Cutting the picket heights on an arc as opposed to straight across will add extra visual interest.


There are so many amazing solar and electric lights these days that are specifically designed to add some flair to the tops of your fence posts. These lights will easily define your perimeter but remain small and dim enough to be relaxing and contribute to your evening ambiance.

If you prefer not to install anything on the top of your fence posts, consider opting for a variety of lights that can be impaled into the ground and angled up the posts for lovely uplighting. You may want your lights to be on a programmable timer or be a certain shade or color. It’s all up to you and your unique style.

As you can see, using wooden fencing to increase your home’s curb appeal is easier than you think and it’s a great way to add value and privacy to your home. Contact Seacoast Fence & Home today at 904-274-4700 or use the form on this page to request a free price quote on installing wooden fencing on your residential property in Jacksonville or St. Augustine. We look forward to hearing from you.