residential fence vinyl wooden metal seacoast fence home jacksonville st augustine floridaNow is the perfect time to have a beautiful new fence installed at your home. A residential fence offers both practical and aesthetic advantages. It sets a proper boundary line between your house and your neighbors’ houses, and will increase your home security. In some cases installing a home security fence can reduce your home insurance premiums. And, as noted, residential fencing can improve the aesthetics of your home and improve its curb appeal.

Home fence types

There are many types of fences for residential properties, including wooden, metal, and vinyl fencing. Wooden fences are usually made from cedar as it is resistant to rotting and insects. Picket fences are one of the most popular types of wooden fences. It is generally around four feet tall with small gaps in between. Wooden privacy fences, which are about six feet tall, can provide additional privacy to your home. Wooden lattice fences are semi private fences that feature crisscross patterns. Wooden slat fences are suitable for homes built on rugged terrain. Wooden basketweave fences are horizontally installed fences highlighted by an interwoven design.

Vinyl fencing is designed to imitate the look of wood fencing. There are various styles of vinyl fences and textures and colors vary a lot too. A high quality vinyl privacy fence looks just like real wood. Another popular type of vinyl fence is the vinyl concave picket fence. Vinyl concave picket fences typically have a six-inch concave arc in the pickets spanning from post to post. Vinyl fencing is easy to install on flat ground. Other advantages of vinyl fences are that they do not require any painting and they do not get stained easily.

Metal fences can blend into all styles of yards. The most ordinary type of metal fence is the chain link fence. A chain link fence is an economical option although it does not add much aesthetic appeal to your home. It can, however, effectively protect your home. Most chain link fences are made from galvanized steel. Ornamental metal fences add a classic style to your home. These fences can be wrought iron, aluminum or steel, and be customized with different types of patterns. Aluminum fencing is often the preferred choice for ornamental metal because it costs less than wrought iron or steel, is resistant to rust and has a baked on powder coat that doesn’t require painting.

Whichever fence type you decide is best for your home, it is important to hire a quality fencing company to install it. Contact Seacoast Fence & Home today for a free price quote for upgrading your residential or commercial property in Jacksonville or St. Augustine with a new fence. We look forward to discussing the details of your project with you.