seacoast decorative fence jacksonville st. augustine floridaDecorative fencing adds beauty, privacy and security to your home and garden. A new decorative fence from Seacoast Fence & Home will also introduce an element of structure to your landscaping and can massively upgrade your home’s curb appeal. It also opens up new decor opportunities for your garden, your pool and your deck.

Classic Wood. A wood fence denotes classic charm and exudes a natural appeal. Wood fences need not just be about the white picket fence. These days, homeowners can pick from a wide range of materials that include sustainable bamboo, pallet board or even reclaimed wood. Other natural elements, like stonework or trellis flowers, complement wood fences and help soften lines. You can choose to paint or stain the wood or simply opt for a clear sealer to help your fence retain it’s natural beauty.

Versatile Metal. An ornamental metal fence adds a touch of elegance and old world charm, without troublesome maintenance. Metal fencing can last for many years without any signs of deterioration. It also adds plenty of personality to your home. Metal fences come in all shapes and sizes and can fit all budgets. For example, wrought iron fencing and stonework can help showcase a vintage-inspired landscape. If privacy is the main reason for your fencing project, latticed aluminum panels are a lightweight solution that can be installed quickly and without a significant financial investment.

Vinyl for Style. A vinyl fence is lightweight, easy-to-install and durable. Traditionally used in agriculture and ranching, vinyl fences have become a popular solution to consumers’ residential fencing needs. They require very little maintenance and are easy to customize. In the event that there is damage to the fence, vinyl fencing is easy to replace.

Don’t Neglect the Gate. The type of fencing you choose can always be complemented by the gate and other design elements you choose to attach to it. Gates, arbors and gazebos draw the eye and help define the overall look of your fencing project. You may choose to jazz up your fence by adding hanging planters, a mirror or any other type of design element that strikes your fancy.

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